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An Auto-Biographical Game

Based on real diary entries kept as a teenager, The Quiet Things seeks to explore mental health issues with a raw but brave look at childhood abuse and trauma. With a deep focus on storytelling through audio, set foot in Alice’s world and hear her story.

Throughout the game you will discover pages of Alice’s life and seek to piece together fragments of memories, as well as more hidden, dark secrets.

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Societal Silence

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Created with the goal of creating conversations around some of the more taboo aspects of mental health, The Quiet Things ventures into taboo topics such as sexual abuse, self harm and suicide. 

While things are slowly improving, there is still a deep shame and discomfort around discussing these things as a society, despite how incredibly common these struggles are.


So far we've been successful in securing funding through the UK Games Fund and raised more thanks to all your help with our Kickstarter Campaign. In February we announced we also have received a grant through Innovate UK, so we are hard at work behind the scenes, but you can wishlist The Quiet Things on Steam in the mean time, or follow us on social media for updates!




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