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Showcasing at GDLX

On the 29th March we were lucky enough to be selected to showcase our game demo for the first time ever at Game Dev London Expo, the first event that kicks off London Games Festival. We also just wanted to give a shout out to the organisers for such an indie friendly event. Often it can cost thousands to showcase at events, especially in London and this was very affordable at £200 and included hire of all equipment we needed (lugging a desktop PC across London is not the best!).

From opening at 10am, to close time, where we were being urged by staff to pack up at half 10 at night, we had so many of you wanting to play non stop. It is so lovely to be a part of the London Game Dev community but also such an invaluable chance to watch how people play the game and we have noted down all the feedback we were given and will be working hard to polish up the demo with everything you have said.

It was a very tiring day, but thankfully had Kev (sound designer) and Tabbie (3D Artist) around to help out. Thank you to everyone that stopped to play our game and had so many words of kindness and encouragement for us. Can't wait to finalise it all and put it out there!

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