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UK Games Fund March Update!

We're very happy to announce we've been awarded with continuation funding by the UK Games Fund. The UK Games fund provided us with an initial £12k to produce a vertical slice of our game, which we did between January and March. We pitched for the second part of funding after completing our vertical slice and have been awarded a further £18k to continue work on The Quiet Things!

Roughly half our budget was spent recording dialogue for the game at the wonderful Liquid Violet studio in London. We recorded with Emily Burnett (Alice), Elsie Oliver (Young Alice), Lisa Graydon (Michelle), Dave Jones (Simon) and Rosina Aichner (Sophie), all directed by the talented Kirsty Gillmore (Baldur's Gate 3, Destruction All-Stars), and engineered by Hayley Allen.

Left to Right - Kirsty Gillmore, Alyx Jones, Lisa Graydon, Emily Burnett and Hayley Allen

Another big chunk went to hiring our 3D Artists: Georgia, Tabbie and Con. They've worked incredibly hard over the last few months creating all our assets from scratch. We're very inspired by games like Life is Strange and Gone Home, and wanted to take a slightly painterly style to the environments we've been creating while still making it our own.

We are now working on polishing up our demo so you can all get a sense of what gameplay will be like and explore the first environment in the game. A trailer and Kickstarter is also on the horizon so watch this space!

Thanks so much for your support so far,



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